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Virgin River series by Robyn Carr

January 18, 2010

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reading this new series that I’m really enjoying. I finished Books 1-7 in this series and am on hold at the library for Book 8 which was released at the end of December. Book 9 is due this month and Book 10 shortly thereafter. This is hard for me. These aren’t books I necessarily want to own but I can’t stand the waiting, either.

Virgin River by Robyn Carr - Book 1 in series

Virgin River is a made up small town of about 600 people in the mountains of Northern California (near Eureka). It’s a place most people go to to fish or hunt or camp. Carr’s community of characters are mostly former military men and the women who cross their paths. I decided to give the books a try because it’s too long between Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooter books. Carr’s books do not have nearly the same level of suspense that Brockmann’s do but she does weave several plotlines together within and between each book, which I like. Carr has a main couple to focus on in each book, but lives are so intertwined in Virgin River we get to see how others who’ve come before are doing (mostly they are wildly in love and having babies and keeping the town moving forward but that’s ok). Plus Carr has explored/included at least two teen and one “mature” couple’s relationships in the books, which rounds things out and gives her/us readers the opportunity to look at relationships between men and women from different perspectives.

I did not read the books in order . . . they didn’t come from the library that way . . . so this may have colored my reactions to the books e.g. Book 1 (Virgin River) wasn’t quite as interesting as I would have hoped but maybe it was just anti-climatic to read about how the two main characters in the series met after hearing about how they met in the 3 or 4 books in the series I read before I got to Book 1.  My favorites in the series so far are books 3 (Whispering Rock) and 7 (Paradise Valley). You can find the whole series in order at