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Rant . . . Publishers only printing half a book!

December 5, 2009

Just finished Diana Gabaldon’s An Echo In the Bone and it ends in the middle of the story! Leaving aside the discussion that this series eventually has to end, my huge takeaway is:   I’m so tired of reading books that end on major cliff-hangers!!!

I love series books. I like revisiting characters to find out what they are up to next. Harry Potter was a great example of how to do this well. Each book had its own story arc that resolved itself within each book. We knew more interesting stuff and character development was forthcoming but we knew each book’/school year’s major conflict would be resolved.

But this trend of publishing only a portion of a single story arc is really irritating. Suzanne Collins truly excellent The Hunger Games (plus its sequel) and Kelly Armstrong’s new YA novel The Awakening (and its sequel) do the same thing. Gabaldon’s latest actually ends in the middle of a conversation between two of the characters (Jamie and Lord John)!!!

I compare this to The Lord of the Rings. All three books were already published by the time I first read the series. I suppose I’d be just as ticked about LOTR if I were reading those as they were published. But I don’t think it was standard publishing practice back then to do this to readers. It’s become a publishing habit these days . . . especially in the YA/children’s market.

I keep threatening to write to the publishers and with this one I may just do it. It’s like 5 years between Gabaldon books these days. This is not fair to readers, especially for a really well-established series like Gabaldon’s. Why should anyone buy a book when it is first released? Just wait for all the books to be released before starting a new series. . . . and get them at your public library so you aren’t being soaked for the price of 2 or 3 or more books just to get a single story!